Sale & Purchase of Japanese Marine Vessels

We provide one stop service from ship inspection to delivery.


One of ASEA’s main businesses is ship brokerage of second hand Japanese vessels, especially oil / chemical tankers. If you are looking for second hand commercial vessels built in Japan, ASEA is your solution. We have strong alliances with players in the Japanese marine industry, built by years of trust and strong working relationship. Even if you have no experience in purchasing a vessel from Japan, rest assured that we will firmly support you.

Japanese vessels have been built with uncompromising craftsmanship using advanced technologies. Moreover, these vessels have been maintained by well-experienced ship owners and ship crews with pride. Therefore, there are many well-maintained second hand vessels in the market even after about 20 years of usage.
We do not charge a commission just by delivering market information, but instead we offer comprehensive services from ship inspection to delivery and after services.


Our staff will directly visit the ship and carry out visual inspection of her condition. We will provide our clients with an English report on specifications of machineries and equipment installed on-board and main scheduled survey dates, together with detailed photos of the vessel.
Unlike ocean going vessels, there is no report such as Q88 for domestic vessels. Moreover, most drawings and documents presented by ship owners are only available in Japanese language. Therefore, the report prepared by ASEA does not only help buyers determine the right ship price, but is also useful for managing the vessel after purchase.


Most devices and control panels installed on domestic vessels are displayed in Japanese language. After a ship is purchased, foreign sailors board in most cases. In order to ensure safe and stress-free operation of the ship and machineries, we board the ship before delivery and translate control panels in the wheel house, Engine / Cargo control rooms, pump room, accommodation area, and even to the smallest details such as washing machine control buttons into English.


In order to deliver the vessel safely on time, we provide step by step guide to our clients, including negotiation with Japanese seller, contract documentation, ship crew arrangement, conducting diver inspection, PSC matters, sea trial, bunker and provision supply, etc. We can also arrange a dry dock before your homeward voyage upon request.


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